Forgot PC password ?

Forgot your PC password?
Unable to login to your PC as administrator.. ??

Here is the trick that you can use if you forgot your PC password..

Press ALT + CNT

and Enter DELETE two times..

Now a box will appear..

Saying,Log in as

Username: Administrator

Password: No

Now you can enter your computer and change the password if needed..!!

Mouse becames keyboard

Sometimes your keyboard will not work properly and you will be in need of doing some urgent job with it.
But what will you do?

Now onwards.. Dont worry..

Here is the trick fpr you..

Just goto run and type OSK.
By doing this your problem is solved..

Because,now you can type with your mouse.

Stay updated in this online world with us..!!

Restart PC quickly

Here is the trick to restart your PC quickly.
Create a shortcut file on desktop and type

shutdown -r -t 0 for location,
rename the file name.

Thus you have done it.
On clicking the file, your PC will restart.

Forgot s60 memory card password?

Many of the s60 device memory cards have passwords on them.So,it may be difficult to access them.

So,here is the trick to access the memory card if you don't know the password.

Open c:\ system by using any file explorer.
Rename 'mmcstore' as mmcstore.txt
Now open the file..

You can access the file just like a notepad and there you can see the password.

If you get the password.. Then whats the problem.. Start accessing it.. !!